Introduction to equipment that helps analyze blood cells of laboratory animals. An extensive lineup ranging from CBC to leukocyte classification and reticulocyte measurement.

XN-V series
The XN-V series is a software for laboratory animal corresponding to our XN series fully automated hematology analyzers, and offers more accuracy data with new measurement items

The XN series, fully automated our flagship hematology analyzers, offers more accuracy improvement with new channels.

Automated hematology analyzer ProCyte Dx for Research applications
Housed in a compact body, it simultaneously measures five types of leukocytes and reticulocyte counts.

Automated hematology analyzer for animals pocH-100iV Diff
A multiple automatic blood cell counter for animals that enables speedy differential leukocyte counting using a dedicated reagent

Automated hematology analyzer XN-30 <NEW!>
Possible for Analyzing infected RBCs for Malaria Research

Myelogram classifier/counter LADIC-300
Substantial upgrade from the conventional myelogram classifier/counter, with enhanced functions for more visibility and user-friendliness.

Automatic slide preparation system SP-50 <NEW!>
Make blood smear and stain more efficient.

TOMATSU-kun (Tabletop style smear preparing device)
Suitable for simple and speedy sample preparation

SOMERU-kun (Automate stained system – LU1000-)
Simple and compact system for sample staining.

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